Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Invisible Pee Monster

Now one would think that this was a Henry story, because conceivably, this is his type of imagination, but lo, it is not. This was the invention of a little 4 year old girl down the road...who may just be Henrys soul mate…

For the first time I let the girls ride their bikes across the road into the being built neighborhood. After about 30 minutes the freaky mom gene started working so I walked down to see where they were.

A little 4 year old girl, whom I have met on occasion, was walking with her cousin down the street. I asked if they had seen the girls, they had, so I decided to walk down to the little pond to see if the tad pole were out yet. The little girl looked at her cousin, dropped her hand, grabbed mine and said “I am going with her”

As we walked and she talked (I have forgotten how verbose little girls are.) We came across two plant pot looking things on the side of the road and she proceeded to tell me:

Her: “Don’t touch those, those are full of pee.”

Me: “Pee? Are you sure? Wait…how do you know?”

Her: Quite matter of factly, “Because the invisible pee monster left them.”

Me: Slightly amused, “The invisible pee monster?”

Her: “Yes, he is invisible, and he is trying to take over the world with his powerful pee. He sneaks around and pees when we don’t see him…but you can’t see him because he is invisible…except I can see him because I have super seeing eyes.”

Me: “OOooohhh, well I don’t have super seeing eyes because I can’t see him.”

Her: “Nope I have super seeing eyes because I am saving the world from his pee…”

Now folks, if this ain’t a match for Henry I don’t know who is!


Stacey said...

OH MY! That is just about the funniest thing I have read in a while...all my kids would totally enjoy it...but I may not share as we don't really need a pee monster down here in MD...course I guess they could be cousins :O)

steffa said...

Sounds like a story I would have told you and you would have repeated to your teachers!