Saturday, November 14, 2009

Another Adventure in Caroline World

So, you may well remember the Melba Toast Elevator we have a new one on the and dad...go ahead...I am making your day again...

Caroline has a mailbox now on her door...(OK not anymore because after I took a picture of it, ridiculed her to ensure her need for therapy in her future, I threw it away...) If you look closely you will see that she has written that it is her mail know, just in case someone couldn't tell...

Nice to know that at least she has mail... a piece of foil trash and a snot looking plastic hand that is supposed to stick to walls but has lost its stick...however, it CLEARLY is to precious to throw away!

Friday, November 13, 2009

The Big Sky

Today my niece is over for a play-date. They always have interesting interactions when they are together, if you can remember the past post of Henry looking in her butt to "see what was up there," or both getting into Caroline's swimsuits and dancing around the house...Margo looked cute in the pink and blue flowered one piece...Henry?...well, not so much.

Today has been relatively calm, other than having to intercept the plan for Margo to wipe Henry after going potty...that was a close one. But while I was upstairs spoiling their plan, I said "Henry your room is such a pig sty"

Margo's response was "I know, I don't know why his room is such a big sky...big big sky...yup it is a big sky."

I just sort of giggled to myself, but now I am listening as they play mommy and daddy with Henry's lovey bears. They just picked him up from school and now they are having them take a nap. Margo has informed them that their room is a "BIG SKY and what are they going to do about it!"

Hmmm, how does someone go about getting rid of the big sky in their room?

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Death Scare

Death Scare
Ok so yeah, I got sick...however, I didn't realize that I was going to have the black plague of sickness.

Last Friday I was coaching my middle daughters DI team…(you know, because I didn’t feel like I had enough going on in my life and felt that I needed a little something extra to concentrate on…)

I had a little headache during the practice, but didn’t think a lot of it. When you spend your days raising Henry, dealing with an angsty tweeny bopper, and trying to keep up with Caroline who seems to outsmart me even on a bad day, headaches can be pretty par for the course.

However…by the time we got in the car to drive home I was shivering. Teeth clattering, I ambled into the house and called my husband at work. I pretty much hinted as to the fact that his children were now going to be on their own and if he appreciated their general welfare and safety he ought to think about getting home on time.

By the time he got home I had a 102.7 fever and was pretty sure that I might pass in the next 24 hours.

But, there is an upside for a mother who doesn’t seem to slow down long enough to do anything other than use the restroom…oh wait…I usually put that off too…

I had to rest.

I lay on the couch for 2 whole days… I know, I know…I felt like Cleopatra… OK well, really not so much Cleopatra as a lazy lump of plague infested cells. BUT, I got to lie on a couch…and watch endless bad TV…

And I taught myself to crochet after I was able to sit upright again…

So plague or not, I guess I have a little soft spot for my H1N1. It forced me to stop, sleep and knit… for a couple days anyway!

Monday, November 9, 2009

The Flu has Landed

SO, I was rather excited because today was to be my daughters first full day back at school. Some very supportive friends were going to take me to breakfast and I was going to get my house back in order after a Quarter of Homeschooling which has left my house completely in surrender to my nasty, and I was going to be able to blog regularly again...again...(I keep on saying that)

However, On Friday, as Murphy's Law would have it, the flu knocked me on my butt, and I spent the entire weekend, and today in the prone position with 102 fever. The first beautiful weekend we have had, as well as a beautiful day today...It will probably snow as soon as I am upright again.

Instead of brunch and cleaning, I have Theraflued and ousted the air around me.

But on the good side, I watched an entire disk of McLeods Daughters, and 2 seasons of the Vicar of Dibly. Something that on a normal week would have enlisted my rather large Guilt gene, but since I am forced to lie on the couch in feverish aching, I guess I just won't care.

So here I go back to my couch because I believe at this point I have been upright for oh...10 minutes now, I wouldn't want to stress myself now would I?

Here is to good health by tomorrow...the fever must break at somepoint...I mean can't Murphy see the state of my house?