Saturday, May 8, 2010

It's Raining It's Pouring the Old Man is...

Pissed to find that it’s raining and pouring in his basement!Ahhhh, the happiness of homeownership! Friday morning I woke up feeling a little overheated…”huh” I thought to myself. When suddenly my oldest daughter runs up stairs and says…

“Daddy, you need to get down stairs, there is water in the kitchen floor.”

Ok so I am thinking, something leaked…no biggie…I look at my windows…in my bedroom…upstairs…and notice that there is sort of a dew covering them on the inside.

“Huh” I think to myself.

I walk down stairs and see even more dew all over the insides of the windows downstairs, and that there is a certain…oh rain foresty quality in the air…

“Huh” I think…

Then I walked into the kitchen…the “Huh,” turned to “Holy S%$^#”

There was literally inches of water from one end of the house to the other…then what I am hearing starts to register…rain…Although outside was looking to be a beautiful blue sky, I heard rain…in my basement!

I went down the stairs to find that the floor beneath that half of my house was literally raining into my basement.

The culprit? An overactive dishwasher that clearly was trying to prove its manhood to the rest of the appliances. It had been set to run at 11 that night…and ran until 6 that morning gushing hot water into the downstairs of our house until saturating the floor so much that it leaked through and RAINED in our finished basement.

Yes, I am now questioning my use of the word apocalyptic in my last post.

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