Wednesday, September 23, 2009

scenes from the garden

I never did much of that this year, I guess because mother nature took a beating on my garden and to be honest I was very thankful that I was not a settler, because I have a feeling I would have ended up eating my hand off.

Even our zuccini and squash bit the dust with only 4 jars of pickles having been made. But I had plenty of beans that I put up. My inlaws bootlegged some Northern Neck tomatoes to me in August so i was able to put up salsa, sauce and bruccetta...But alas, my sister will have plenty of dilly beans to hide from us...

One of our new successes was the pole Limas (below) they were the best tasting limas and prettiest I have ever had...I am growing twice as many next year!

And as always, being a gardener in the fall, I have grand ideas for the following year, such as putting plexi glass over my apple trees to keep the damn deer away...(not really, but after only getting 10 apples as opposed to my prolific harvest last year I am under some serious research!) And perhaps a garden Fairy to stave off too much rain, and encourage bugs to disappear...

I guess our other big success...I got beautiful sweet potatoes this year out of only 4 plants... so next year we are growing more...we eat them like candy in this house, so it makes sense.

So I am putting my gloves away for the winter, and starting to dream of a perfect spring to plant...already!

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