Sunday, October 25, 2009

Ahhh The Sins of our Youth

So I have posted many times about my little Caroline and her ability to put anything into a bag and collect, sticks, leaves, stickers, starburst wrappers, small neighborhood children....what have you.

Her room generally shows this talent of hers, and when she is sent up to clean it, it becomes a 4 day marathon of crying, screaming, threats and ultimately a half cleaned room and a family exhausted of the fight.

I have to admit though, (as my parents are laughing reading this,) she comes by it honestly. I know that I was the same way.

Full of good intentions she goes up pulls out all her stuff to put away, and then…well, it is just begging to be played with while its being put away, and then….well, then she gets lost in her imaginary world and forgets that after about 5 hours her parents are going to completely loose their mind when they check on her because she has been in her room for 8 hours with out having picked up a thing, and in fact, it possibly could be messier than when she started the endeavor.

I am learning to be more patient…HOWEVER… she is also known for using trash to create all sorts of things…she will pull old non sticky stickers out of the trash because she doesn’t want to throw them away and use tape to re-stick them to various things…that they won’t come off of….like her lamp!

This one was my favorite however. The empty Melba Toast box affixed to the end of her bed. When I asked why she had trash tied to the end of her bed she responded with an astonished look on her face.

“Mom, that’s not trash…that is a sideways elevator that gets my Barbies from one side of my bed to the other without having to walk”
How could I have NOT KNOWN THAT????

Yes I am fully aware of my empty box obsession when I was a kid…I just can’t help thinking of the saying “The sins of our Fathers” and I am pretty sure that this is the result of a deal my parents struck with the universe when I had my children…so mom and dad?

Thanks A LOT….really…


Anonymous said...

Love the melba box. We are currently trying to convince Bella it's time to get rid of the Webkinz shanty town that has taken over her room. Every empty box in our house is now a webkinz condo. It's starting to look like an episode of Hoarders around here!

MOM said...

Only your dna daughter could have conceived of that wonderful melba box as a horizontal elevator ... even though it doesn't elevate anything.

I suppose there is some justice in the world because we were accused of being "mean and brutal" when attempting to get you to clean your room. At least now you get the frustration from the other end.

I have to admit, we finally gave up and closed the bedroom door. What an adventure it was when we re-entered your kingdom on our move to Virginia ... long after you had left college and were, of all things, TEACHING.

I have absolutely no advice, but I do have a bit of smile because your blog made my day. I can't wait till your Dad reads it.

Dad said...

This is one of the most rewarding blogs that you have posted. I can not count the number of times that I have been very close to a massive stroke because of your inablility to even think about cleaning your room and yes I signed a pact with the devil to insure that you had a daughter just like you. :>) Love you anyway!!!