Friday, November 13, 2009

The Big Sky

Today my niece is over for a play-date. They always have interesting interactions when they are together, if you can remember the past post of Henry looking in her butt to "see what was up there," or both getting into Caroline's swimsuits and dancing around the house...Margo looked cute in the pink and blue flowered one piece...Henry?...well, not so much.

Today has been relatively calm, other than having to intercept the plan for Margo to wipe Henry after going potty...that was a close one. But while I was upstairs spoiling their plan, I said "Henry your room is such a pig sty"

Margo's response was "I know, I don't know why his room is such a big sky...big big sky...yup it is a big sky."

I just sort of giggled to myself, but now I am listening as they play mommy and daddy with Henry's lovey bears. They just picked him up from school and now they are having them take a nap. Margo has informed them that their room is a "BIG SKY and what are they going to do about it!"

Hmmm, how does someone go about getting rid of the big sky in their room?

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