Monday, November 9, 2009

The Flu has Landed

SO, I was rather excited because today was to be my daughters first full day back at school. Some very supportive friends were going to take me to breakfast and I was going to get my house back in order after a Quarter of Homeschooling which has left my house completely in surrender to my nasty, and I was going to be able to blog regularly again...again...(I keep on saying that)

However, On Friday, as Murphy's Law would have it, the flu knocked me on my butt, and I spent the entire weekend, and today in the prone position with 102 fever. The first beautiful weekend we have had, as well as a beautiful day today...It will probably snow as soon as I am upright again.

Instead of brunch and cleaning, I have Theraflued and ousted the air around me.

But on the good side, I watched an entire disk of McLeods Daughters, and 2 seasons of the Vicar of Dibly. Something that on a normal week would have enlisted my rather large Guilt gene, but since I am forced to lie on the couch in feverish aching, I guess I just won't care.

So here I go back to my couch because I believe at this point I have been upright for oh...10 minutes now, I wouldn't want to stress myself now would I?

Here is to good health by tomorrow...the fever must break at somepoint...I mean can't Murphy see the state of my house?

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Country Girl said...

Bummer! Hope you are feeling better soon. Homeschooling? How is that going before the flu struck? Are you homeschooling all of your kids?