Monday, December 21, 2009

Flurries in the South???

So on Sunday it snowed. Which when you live in Maine, in December is not really a life altering event.

However, it also snowed in Texas...and the Mid-Atlantic and South East... What is this the end of worlds???

That one foot dump of snow on their streets has completely paralyzed the mid-Atlantic, they may not go to school again until February when the heat wave comes and makes sure that even the tiniest snow flake has melted.

Oh, was that harsh and sarcastic?

Probably a little, but having taught there for a number of years...(yes I did used to be a part in the intellectual development of our youth...don't get stuck with that scared look on your face, I am on a break, your youth are safe!) I used to get so irritated. The prediction of a couple of inches would spurn an apocalyptic reaction making the grocery stores scramble to put more bread, water and milk on their shelves.

Now, really folks…even if you are stuck for 3 days in your house from your 2 inches of snow, do you really need 10 loaves of bread? And frankly hip checking the old lady out of the way of the cooler to get the last 20 jugs of milk was a little much.

Just put on your boots, go out into the snow, and enjoy it…it will probably melt tomorrow!

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