Friday, September 17, 2010

Kindergarten Memories

So here's the thing, I had girls first.  And let me tell you, that is just not an OK order to go in. 

I had little girls who wanted me to walk them to their classroom.  I had little girls who got off the bus and couldn't stop talking long enough for me to ask a question about their school day, much less catch a breath.  I heard all about their teacher, about their classroom, about all the friends that they made, and the shoes those friends wore, the classes they took, the letter A they wrote and what color they wrote it in.

Then....there is Henry...The boy....

The first day of school his favorite thing at school was:  " I don't remember what I did mom, it was school"

The second day of school his favorite thing at school was: "I guess I like the bus"

The third day of school his favorite thing at school was: "I really liked Recess today mom"

The fourth day he came off the bus looking like someone shot his dog, when I asked him what was wrong he said: "They promised we were going to have a fire alarm, we practiced lining up and everything and then they didn't let me do it."

The fifth day of School his favorite thing was:  "The fire drill."

The Sixth day of School his favorite thing was: "I kinda liked gym"

The Seventh day of School his favorite thing was:  " MOM I am so tired can I stay home tomorrow and just watch TV...seriously is too long"

The Eighth day...I didn't even ask...whats the point?  It will probably be tying his shoe because that was when he was outside, before he even entered the school....

I am pretty sure that he is going, he comes home with work, so unless he is stealing some other helpless Kindergartners work and shoving it in his own folder, I have evidence that he is actually attending school...and not just spending his day out at recess or sneaking into alternate gym classes, yet he cannot tell me the name of ANYONE in his class...and forget about the color of their shoes.

So I guess this is that I am no longer witness to his everyday life, I will no longer be privy to what is going on in that little pea brain of his because it is very clear...I am not going to be told, unless I catch him during a fire drill.

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