Saturday, July 9, 2011

An Ag Teacher Henry is NOT

So the other day we were headed to the beach.  We drove down a long road near our house that has a couple of farms on it.  We pass one and it had cows and their babies...and one baby was feeding from its mother.

Now, the thing about Henry is....he is really observant...I mean REALLY observant.  we can't take walks without having to inspect every facet of a spider web or ant hill.  I am a nature girl, and even I, after having to study the underside of an interesting leaf for 10 minutes, want to move on.

Henry of course noticed the Mamma Cow and her baby and let out an "awwwwwww, did you see that?"

I said "yes wasn't that cute?"

My daughter who was busy texting away, barely noticing that she was even in a moving vehicle said"what?"

Henry said "It was a giant Deer milking its cub!"

Hmmmmm  me thinks my teaching career has come to an end...

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