Monday, July 25, 2011

Sing Along...Pee Along...its all the same to Henry.

So I sing a bit.  My friend Mark whom I sing with, invited me to come to an old fashioned sing along down at a little church near the beach.  Fun right?  I thought, oh the kids will enjoy this!

So we head down to the beach church and are singing along.  It really was great.  Fun musicians, fun music, great setting, beautiful day.  We were all sitting in a circle on the church grounds behind the parsonage.

I am singing and look up and see Henry standing not far from the group with his back to us...looking a little suspicious....I tilt my head with a pensive look and then realize HE IS PEEING ON THE MINISTERS FLOWER GARDEN!

The look of HORROR on my face registered to the person across from me who followed my gaze to see my son pants half down watering the garden.  She started to laugh and gave me a thumbs up....(this was clearly not the ministers wife!)

My face got so red and I tried to just keep singing hoping it would be over before anyone else noticed.  It was like a scene from Austin Powers where the pee went on forever....(at least it seemed that way to me.)

I leaned over to my husband and whispered as harshly as I could "Stop him and tell him not to do that"

My husband, in between hysterical laughing whispered back "I can't stop him now, he would turn around and pee on everyone"

Needless to say...I am not sure if I dare go back to the sing along...I don't know if anyone else noticed.... but our whole family did.... Thanks Henry for eliminating one more venue from our event calendar!

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