Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Bob the Building

Just a little funny side note, since I haven't been documenting the stories of Henry lately. Yesterday we were riding in the car, and he said "Mom, can we listen to Bob the buildin'?"

I figured he was talking about Bob the Builder. Not something that we watch a whole lot, but I figured he had seen something with his picture or what ever. So I told him we didn't have any Bob the Builder music.

He promptly said: "Not Bob the builder mom, Bob the Buildin' the one who sings "wind in the Blow"

After about 5 minutes of thinking I said
"Do you mean Bob Dylan, Blowing in the Wind?"

Relieved that I had finally come to my senses Henry responds "YES, Bob the Dylan Blowing on the wing."

AHHHHHH how could I possibly have not understood that???????

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