Monday, September 29, 2008

My Handy Dandy Invention

As you know, I am still painting after our massive reconstruction of our home. I decided the other afternoon to take on the hall way and the stairwell…yes, the dreaded stairwell.

Now as we all know, necessity breeds invention, so here is mine: My Super Duper Edging the Sky Tool! I know, I know, I AM A GENIUS! (It is a painting pole, with the roller screwed to the top, (minus the roller) and the edging paintbrush duct taped to the top of the roller...hey I needed leverage!)

I was talking to my mother as I was constructing this magnificent contraption. As I explained what I was doing I just got the:

LONG PAUSE of disbelief that she raised me..."uh, okaaaayyyyy" long drawn out OK as if to say "I paid for college for this???"

But I want you all to know, and by all I mean YOU MOM. I was able to edge the stairwell with this!
My only question from this adventure in being an

WHY do we have stairwells that are 4000 feet tall over the stairs? Unless you are Big Foot, or a flying squirrel it is impossible to reach. I suppose if you get one of those contortionist ladders you might be able to get up there, but who needs that when you can just use duct tape and a pack of gum?

MacGyver would be so freaking proud of me!

(Remember him? I had SUCH a crush on him. I mean who wouldn’t have…the man stopped a nuclear melt down with a Hershey bar and pack of gum! ( *SIGH* remembering my love of Richard Dean Anderson....)


Country Girl said...

Hey nice job Pie! I need one of those! McGyver...I remember him, he was cute. I call John that because he can fix and do ANYTHING!

Anonymous said...

O.K. I admit that I was pretty amazed that one could "stay inside the lines" with that strange contraption. I wasn't so amazed at your creativity (it's had maximum use for years, for both good and bad objectives), but your dexterity must have exceeded that of Michaelangelo who had to hang upside down in the Sistine Chapel to accomplish his painting. Who knew? He could have just attached his brush ... aaahh, there's the rub... duct tape hadn't been invented yet! Thanks for yet another late night chuckle. Love you, MOM

coastrat said...

What a COOL idea! Way to go!

rebeccavoy said...

Who doesn't have a crush on McGyver? He would be so proud :D

karen Gooze said...

Oh yeah - and I remember being laughed at by our entire health class when I made the mistake of liking the idea of a guy who could "use his hands" like McGyver. Not my fault our entire grade kept their minds in the gutter!

The Rabid Outdoorsman said...


For a good laugh . . . google "Macgruber".

Jodi said...

Awesome idea!
I'm going to have to recreate your invention for myself when I get around to painting my stairwell...

Duct tape fixes all.