Wednesday, January 6, 2010

boys and their guns

Ok so it's not that I am totally anti-gun necessarily...I am not.

My husband was a hunter and would be still if he had fellow Y chromosomes to take him here in Maine. I have no issues with that. I will even be honest and tell you when I shot a 45 at my friend Kims house and it kicked back so hard my arm almost fell off... it was kind of a rush...

I do however, do the suburban mom thing when it comes to my kids pretending to shoot all of us dead...I mean call it the teacher in me, but I kinda feel that I should intervene when my kids are plotting my death.

Just as having a boy has taught me many life lessons, I have also learned that it doesn't matter if you give boys guns or not. They will shoot them anyway. If you don't give them a plastic replica of a handgun...have no fear, they will find a stick, or a car or even a piece of string.

One day Henry put on a long white Cinderella glove from the dress up box, and told me it was a special hand gun that shot fire out of the fingers.

If you don't give them a gun, they will create them. Tonight at the dinner table, Henry pulled his foot up onto the table and pretended to shoot me with his toes.

yup...he used his FOOT as a gun. *Le Sigh*

No point in fighting it, boys will be boys, and what is it with them and their guns anyway???

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Cheryl said...

Hi Pie,
Oh my gosh...that made me LAUGH!
I have 3 boys ages 5,3,1 and YES...anything and everything will be a gun, bomb, hand grenade, etc. Why is that?!
I found your blog't remember but it looks great! Keep the stories coming.

ps...I'm from Texas and the snow was crazy fun!!! (Commenting on the post below) We make fun of ourselves was canceled for 3 days. I think it's because the only clothing we own are sandals and tank tops...WE FREEZE when it gets below 60. Which btw tomorrow's high is supposed to be 43 with a low of 24. Holy crap! We are staying curled up under a blanket by the fireplace until temps of at least 84 roll back in. ; ) j/k