Saturday, January 2, 2010

Snow, Beautiful Snow

OK, so I guess I am a true New Englander. Besides my crotchety side, I also really love the snow. There is something about the white stuff…(in January anyway) that makes me smile, curl up with a good book and bad food and go into a little hibernation that I won’t allow myself to do in good weather.

HOWEVER, I realize that there is one caveat to my love of winter…still having a pre-schooler. Having a little one makes “Snow time” like putting on a Broadway musical with major costume changes and adjustments at every act.

Henry wanting to go out in the snow was told to go get a sweater and we would send him out. Being summoned to the bottom of the stairs I gazed up at my 4 year old standing at the top of the stairs with nothing but his boxer briefs and a sweater vest…
“uh…that wasn’t what I was thinking” I said nicely

WHAT? It’s a sweater and it’s warm!!!” Henry screamed indignantly.

After a few minutes of arguing and knowing that I was going to lose, I simply took matters into my own hands and wrangled him into warm clothes. This task was more like wrestling a wet pig in Jello than clothing a child (not that I would know this per say…) All this only to come down stairs to start the wrapping, layering and jamming of the winter wear marathon.

By the time he got out side and I sat down, the door bell was ringing. Snow in the gloves… This is the major disaster that sends Henry into complete and total apoplexy every time he plays out side…they have yet to invent a glove that the boy can’t get snow into. As I am shaking out the glove I hear:

“Look I can boot skate on the floor!”

Henry in all his glory, and snow covered boots, is sliding around the wood floor in the living room. By the time I get him back out side, mop the floor so I don't break my butt slipping in it, answer the door a few more times and resolve more tragedies of the wetness of snow, I remember…didn’t I have a book somewhere I wanted to read?

Now I remember why I like spring also!

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