Monday, November 10, 2008

Back From the Lost World

I am back from the lost world of stress...where hair falls out, heads do 360's and a minor altercation can become a leap toward incarceration if it happens at the right moment.

A few things that I have learned about myself: I am not a graceful stressed person. I age about 10 years and act 20 years younger in maturity. And lastly, if anything is of the chocolate and peanut butter persuasion, it had better get the heck out of my way because I WILL consume it in massive quantities.

But now all is OK, my dad’s OK, my grandmother is OK, voting is over (I had devoted the spare 2 minutes of every day in the last 18 months to a referendum that passed), and things are settling back down to my normal pace, the speed of light. So, all things edible can stop hiding from me, as my appetite is back to normal.

And the good thing? You know, aside from everyone recovering nicely, and no more 800 committee meetings a week…now I can call my dad and blame him for my extra large butt that has miraculously appeared behind me. (And by miraculous I mean, I know exactly where it came from, but I don’t care to own it, so I am going to actively blame him…its just more fun that way)

Ahhhhhh it is a good day!



Good to see all is well and your dad is recovering.

Here's to a stress free week!!

Jodi said...

Glad to hear your Dad is ok. :-)

Chocolate is really a cure all for stress.

Country Girl said...

Glad your back and glad all your hard work paid off. My butt and gut has grown since last winter and I keep saying I am going get a move on but I've have been intermittently slacking.:(