Monday, November 3, 2008

Strange Dreams of an Insomniac

I haven't figured out why it is, that when I have insomnia, I can still dream. Is that normal? I can say that I feel like I have been up all night, know when everyone in the house got up to go to the bathroom, but at the same time, swear that I have had conversations with the Dali Lama while eating a nice sandwich at Subway. I am pretty sure this isn't normal.

So last night while I had one eye open on the clock ticking past every minute like a slow train to hell...I was able to be in college, with my first boss, Mary Barton a principal (who by the way was in her 50's back then) and talk about our Facebook pages, while cheering on my teammates at a swim meet in the Student Union Building.

Yeah I all go ahead and try and analyze that one....I am going to get another cup of coffee before we head to the hospital!


The Rabid Outdoorsman said...

I am fairly certain that lack of good sleep eventually will lead you to insanity . . . how do I know? How about father of two little ones under 2 . . . twitch, twitch, twitch . . . are those voices in my head or someone ordering an egg sandwich? :)

Country Girl said...

I have insomnia from time to time too, it sucks. I have strange dreams on a regular basis, thanks god I get to keep them to myself!