Tuesday, November 18, 2008

There are Goats and Mamas Everywhere

When we get our Halloween candy, we put all three kids into a giant vat that everyone eats off of for the rest of the month. You know so that no one can hold a favorite teddy bear ransom for a package of sugar babies. (My kids are warped that way) Henry had been asking if he could eat his Mommy. While I was slightly concerned about this, I thought, I MUST be misunderstanding the boy.

As the weeks went on he kept talking about eating his mommy. I started to get a little more disconcerted, sleeping with one eye open incase he came into my room in the middle of the night with a knife and fork.

I was doling out goodies after lunch one day, and out peaked a white chocolate mummy on a stick.

“MY MOMMY” Henry exclaimed as he picked up his chocolate stick. I wasn’t sure whether to be insulted or relieved!

All was well and good and I can again, have sleep…Right????

Of course NOT!

Because every night lately, Henry has been getting up in the middle of the night and wanting to get in bed with us, we kindly decline the boy, and put him back in his bed. A few times we have gone in his room to wake him up in the morning and his light is on, which apparently he gets up and turns on in the middle of the night. I kept asking why etc… I never got an answer…until yesterday.

Henry: “Mom, why are there goats in our yard at night?”
Henry: “Yeah, you told me there were goats in our yard at night, and I have looked for them, they are scary”
Me: Completely confused “Goats? I don’t think I ever told you we had Goats…”
Henry: Very emphatically, “Yes you did! You did! I don’t like the goats in our yard”
Me: Thinking I had figured it out “Do you mean Ghosts?”
Henry: Very seriously, “Nope, you said we have Goats in our yard, and they scare me.”

Now, I am not sure where this is coming from, there are no Goats, or Ghosts I am pretty sure. And I am fairly positive I have not expressed any concern about the late night attack of four legged ruminants…so…I guess we are just going to have to go with his alter ego is playing games with him…hmmmm.



Henry cracks me up!!!! Love it!! He sort of reminds me of the crazy kids we have over here!!

Country Girl said...

Too funny, there are goats in our yard.

PIE said...

I know, Henry would completely melt down if he slept at your house! lol