Thursday, December 4, 2008

Apparently I AM Getting Cranky

As I age, and I believe I have said this before, I think that we loose our sense of humor. Life becomes more about pointing out the differences in our kid’s world to the one that we grew up in, than adjusting. You know, the whole 2 miles walking up hill, both ways, barefoot in the snow, to school thing.

The other day when I sat down to a late lunch I turned on the TV thinking I would catch the news. The only thing on the regular channels was Inside Edition.

As I bit into my sandwich, I hear the plug for it: “The place for hard news.” By the time I finished my illustrious meal, I had learned about Brittany Spears 27th birthday party, what Michelle Obama was wearing and how, I too, could achieve that look, and the various romance partners of Jennifer Aniston.

Am I really getting that cranky? Because the last time I checked the country was in a recession, two wars, and I am pretty sure that there was a hostage situation last week and a few bombings.

I must be cranky, because, why would I want to hear about that when I could find out who baked Brittany’s Cake and what it was made of and how much it cost?

When I was a kid, and the president was on, I just went up stairs to read because there wouldn’t be anything else on the TV….NOW you can’t find the news on TV, because there are bimbos waiting to be the rap stars “chosen one”, and idiots vying to be Paris Hiltons BFF, and Lord knows I need to know what Angelina Jolie wore to the hospital to have her twins in FRANCE.

See???…Crankity Crank Crank Crank.

**DISCLAIMER*** Mind you I didn't turn off the TV, and did get all the juice, perhaps I shouldn't wag my finger too much! lol


Jodi said...

I'll be cranky with you. I can't stand that garbage.

Country Girl said...

I hear you, there is a whole lot a trash talk. I could think of better things to report of but you know Smut sells.

citygirl said...

Hey, count me in! When I was a kid the news anchor was a serious person reporting real news..I know because my Dad got to watch it in peace every night at 6 pm and every Sunday was 60 minutes (remember the tick, tick, tick of the clock?) Oh, the nostalgia! Now it seems the news anchor's only ambition is become a "star" themselves. And what is with the cleavage-bearing shirts? Show some decency! What a waste of womens' liberation!


JenHen said...

WHAT! You mean you don't care who Paris picks for her new BFF?!