Friday, December 5, 2008

Henry the Teacher

Today I went with my sister to Target...the place where my wallet seems to empty itself every time...but you know I think it is a conspiracy... Those Dollar bins are just EVIL. Somehow I think that I really do need "Cars" stickers, and pretty little felt bags to put the teachers presents just all makes sense at the moment and then I get home and look at them...and wonder what kind of wacky weed smoke is blowing through their speaker system.

My niece and Henry go to preschool together, so they are pretty comfortable with, well, telling each other what to do if we are just honest about it. Henry steps out of line, and Margo is very quickly there to shake her finger at him and say "Henry James!" and Margo gets what I like to call "Henry's life lessons" along the way....It is all well and good.

Today's lesson from Henry, was picking up a huge Santa, handing it to Margo and saying in a very preschoolish teacher voice "Margo, look, this is a Santa Jesus"

My sister and I were looking at bird ornaments made to look like real birds...(because you know, we really NEEDED them) I didn't really need to even look up, I just nodded and said, "Yes, Stephanie, he did just call that a Santa Jesus."

Of course it is always good for some comedic relief...but the best part is when Margo starts to cry and yells "No" to Henry, and he looks at me and in his very accusatory, "I've been wronged" voice yells "Margo won't let me RUB HER." Because that just makes the entire store stare at the two of us like we are some sort cretins that have come off the mountain and brought our young out into the open for the first time. But hey, he learned when a girl says no, man she means it.

Well, life just wouldn't be right if I didn't die of embarrassment every time I go out with the boy.


steffa said...

Wait until I get you to Christmas Tree Shops... you will find wonderful bargains you HAVE to have and will regret when you get home. I can't wait!!


Santa jesus!!!! LMAO!!!! My girls went to a christian preschool last year and thing 2 came up with that stuff all the time! She is my challenging one too ;)

P-Money said...

I was in line at the grocery store behind a woman and a girl (I'd say 9ish) and the girl was flipping through a People magazine and suddenly yelled in full-on outdoor voice "In with the Lord and Out with the Devil!" I barely kept from peeing my pants. The adult's response? She handed the girl a different magazine and took People.