Monday, December 1, 2008

Saving Grace

I know that by all standards of today’s parental codes, I am supposed to abolish the sinful corruption of TV from my children’s lives. I should be protecting them from all those harmful shows that are permeating our culture and creating callous adults.

Because you know, I totally can see how something like Franklin can be harmful to their development. All that learning to cooperate and handle social issues by a turtle on two legs is just wrong… and I have always wondered about the Little Einstein’s…always getting into stuff and learning…what is wrong with them!

All snark aside, I have to be honest and admit, that in the past, I always held a little contempt for those people who put on shows in their car for their kids on a trip to the store. I mean if when I was little, I had to suffer playing I-Spy and the License Plate Game for 14 endless hours cramped in the van with my sister and my dog, then daggonit, they ought to be able to go to the store…

My song has changed since I have had to take kids to my parents 15 hours away. I couldn’t beg for a car DVD player hard enough. And I feel a little vindicated because after a car ride that was supposed to take 13 hours, took 17 yesterday, I cannot stress the benefits of movies in cars.

I know, I know, all the shaking of heads and looking at the ground...I have now joined the masses of horrid parents that allow the atrophy of brains on car rides.

Let’s be clear, I don’t find the need to set up a show for the trip to the corner store, but you know what? I believe that I am saving lives. Because the alternative to the silence of a multi media coma during a horrible storm on the Merrit Parkway, is me pulling over and leaving the whiny “when are we going to get there,” “why are you slamming the breaks on,” and “oooh you just said a bad word” children on the side of the road where surely they would be joined by the other masses of children being expelled from their cars in NYC by tired, frustrated parents.

See? I am not giving in to the TV monster; I am simply saving the lives of three children who couldn’t possibly know their fate otherwise!


Jodi said...

We drive 4 hours each way an average of once a month to our parents.

We're buying a dual screen portable DVD player for Monkey for Christmas.

*joining bad parenting ranks* ;-)


I've also been tempted to leave a bundle of joy on the side of the road for someone else to enjoy!!

I have been holding out as well but boy I'm envious of a quiet road trip! This may be the year Santa brings personal dvd players ;)

The Rabid Outdoorsman said...

Last 4th of July I watched a little girl watch a DVD on a portable player while fireworks lit the sky in the background. Some take DVD players to far.

My lil boys are still to young to join the DVD crowd so I still have to wait some time before I see if I join the "ranks"! :)

PIE said...

Yes, I totally agree...some take the TV babysitter WAAYYY too in, walking around the grocery store with a hand held movie...I just sayin...I saved three little lives this week! LOL

steffa said...

Amen sistah- Welcome to the personal DVD child saving player fan club!

citygirl said...

I am new to your blog...In fact, I only just checked it out tonight! But, it made me laugh SO HARD that I felt I couldn't just "lurk".

I must confess, there was a time when I would spot a running DVD player in a moving vehicle and think..."they are so cheating!" And when my husband brought one home (without any discussion first)...well, it was not only a violation of good parenting was also a violation of our crusade to eliminate our debt! But, one ride with the DVD player and I was convinced I needed to relax my tightly-wound parenting standards! Saving lives, saving sanity...eliminating motion sickness (reading books in the back seat for 90 minutes at 65 mph...does that get anyone a parenting award?). If you haven't yet bought so. And remember, watching the Roadrunner outsmart the Wiley coyote every Saturday morning for years on end didn't damage our brains! (or maybe it did...LOL)

Country Girl said...

We borrow our neighboors when we go on long rides...2 hours or more up to 5...17 H in a car with kids, you'd have to admit me.