Monday, March 17, 2008

The GOOD Sister

OK, so I am only writing this to let you all know what a super awesome, wicked cool sister I am. (are you sensing the foreshadowing???)

My sister just moved into this really old house in town. And her husband is out of town for like, I don’t know, the rest of the month or so. So being the really nice sister that I am, I went to visit her one night after a meeting that I had in town. (OK so, so far I am sounding p-r-e-t-t-y spectacular aren’t I?)

So we are sitting all nice and stuff in her really cool new room, on her really cool new couch, in her really OLD house…and I find it incredibly appropriate to bring up Ghosts. You know, because when you are alone, with your kid, in a new house, that is old, this is the type of supportive conversation you would expect from your sister…RIGHT????

I then proceed to tell her my horrific story of taking care of a haunted house when I was in Blacksburg, in college. (And let me tell you…I am NOT LYING. It was so haunted I promise. Even Jamie, my then boyfriend, now husband said it was. Umm not that he EVER went there and stayed with me or anything because that would have been wrong.)

So I am not seeing anything wrong with this conversation, late at night, in the dark room, in the old house. My sister starts telling me a story of another guy in town who had ghosts in their house and he had to stand at the bottom of the stairs and yell up them that it was his house now and to get the hell out. This made me laugh, but I guess desperate times call for desperate measures.

I leave there that night not thinking twice as I go home to my little house with my husband home and my well adjusted cats who don’t smell death like dogs do. (Did I mention my sister has two dogs? Oh, well she does)

The next day my sister calls and is all like “Thanks a lot,” I am pretty sure that she wasn’t really thanking me per say, but condemning me to a life of haunting's, since she couldn’t sleep, her daughter is now saying there is a man named Scott in her computer, and her dogs are scared to go in certain rooms. So all I can say is, I promise that I will go to your house Steph, and yell into the computer “Scott, leave my sister the hell alone, it is her house now” and hopefully that will solve the problem! And somehow I am going to have to make my Karma right after uleashing the undead in my sisters house.

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Dan Limmer said...

Great blog. I am happy to say that Stephanie and I were right. Keep it going!