Tuesday, March 18, 2008

should I worry?

Today alas, my 2 of my offspring are sick. One sounded like a dog barking this morning and the other, a fever for no apparent reason. Lovely. So today I am "Mommy Play with me" Barbie. Which is OK, because I had a big box! No kid can resist a big box.
We built an apartment for them in my living room. This was really fun for them until I got a little too "into" them being on their own. I got blank looks with a twinge of fright when I kept talking about coming to visit.
" look we can put a window box on your apartment and I will bring you flowers when I come visit"
Clearly I was picturing them on their own, and they were just having fun with a box. Oh well, I am fairly sure they will recover. Marshall my 9 year old going on 21 year old, will probably try to move in tonight when she gets home. We will get up tomorrow morning and there will be a skull and crossbones on the door, saying Enter at Your Own Risk. Since when did 9 year old kids get Angst????
Anyway, for lack of anything better, I posted pictures of the aftermath of Henry and Caroline’s “fun” play. I am not sure whether to be concerned about:

1: The brazen violence depicted by the many creatures eating each other, and the troubling scene of a farmer being on the wrong side of his monkey wrench.


2. The fact that my kids don’t understand history and had a dinosaur eating a horse, and didn't know that clearly farmers weren’t around during the era of the Giant Tools….

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