Sunday, March 16, 2008

No more snow complaints

Please don't be concerned, I have no intention of posting on the weekends, but I have to tell you, I have been humbled!

I have been complaining about all of our snow...our "record breaking" snow, well, my neighbor just sent me these pictures from Quebec..(they have family there) and they just had another blizzard this weekend...take a look.

Yup, that is people up at their roof tops shoveling. And yes, that is a pathway to a front door and a garage. So folks, I will never again complain about snow for fear that the snow Gods of Quebec will turn their vengeance on my in sunny, tropical, Southern Maine! Ok so I probably will complain again, who am I trying to fool? But thanks to Carolyn for sharing...and giving my frustration a perspective.

I know my in-laws from the south, who are coming to visit next week, will be relieved this isn't us!

1 comment:

leila said...

Okay, fine.

I guess they've got more snow than us.

But I'm still complaining.