Wednesday, May 13, 2009


So if you have read my blog for any length of time you may have realized that Henry is all about making proclamations... I get that Moses was picked, but I am pretty sure that there was a mistake made there.

So we headed over to Harris Farm where Henry likes to get his farmer on. (We also get our milk and other goodies there when we can.)

They know when we come, and they know that Henry is into seeing the cows; they are so wonderful to him, that I am pretty sure he thinks he owns the farm. (I don’t think that he needs that kind of encouragement, he already assumes that he owns the he is thinking everything in it too.)

They have been doing school tours and they currently have some goats and Bunnies. They told us to go up and pet the bunnies….

Henry now wants bunnies.

He “plays” bunny, talks about bunnies, looks at pictures of bunnies, and even came up with names for his future bunny patch. The other day in an act of discouragement, I said “Cats don’t like bunnies, so we can’t get bunnies because we have the two cats.”

The boy loves our cats, so I thought that the subject was moot.

Nope, at breakfast the next day he said:

“Mom, I have decided we need to get rid of the cats so that I can have my bunnies.”

Well, I am sure that our fat cats aren’t too happy with that statement…

The names? Sugarin’ and Doobie…I can at least give him credit for persistency and originality…but since it isn’t the Miss America Pageant, I think he may be out of luck!

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