Friday, May 29, 2009

A Week Worth of Blogging: Scenes from the Trellises, Henry's Broadway Debut, and Parental Sappy Tears.

I cannot believe that I have not gotten this done before now...what a dork I am.

I have been being held hostage by Softball, and much like water boarding, Softball season in elementary school with two girls on different teams and different not much fun!

So here is my week’s worth of Blogging done in one long blog...I will section it of course so that those Henry fans can skip right to his Broadway debut, and those garden followers can admire my radishes with out getting mired down in my sloppy weepy video of my eldest’s first singing solo.

So read what you will, but I may test you later...

Scenes from the Trellises:

Firstly, I always do my scenes from the trellises starting in about June, but since we seem to have moved Maine about 3 hours south we have been able to plant early this year, with only one minor set back when we thought that there might be a frost. Like the true manicured lawn type that I am, I gathered buckets, blankets and tarps and covered my entire garden…just in case.

All though my beautiful landscaping of patchwork blankets and old buckets was beautiful, my neighbors I believe, were pretty happy when there was no frost and I took my lovely problem solving decorating down.

It has been raining for 3 days straight so things now are three times bigger than these pics, but Thought I would share anyway.

Something is eating my beans however, as soon as the first true leaves emerge, something tops them right off….any ideas what this little thing that I WILL seek out and DESTROY could be?

I have had my first little harvest of radishes. My daughter and I proceeded to eat the entire bowl full instead of saving them for a salad. But more will come later.

Planted in the garden to date: White Cucumbers, pickling and slicing cukes, Watermelon, pole beans, bush beans, wax beans, lima beans, peas, potatoes (red and Yukon Gold), sweet potatoes, radishes, zukes, and squash, acorn squash, sugar pumpkins, and giant pumpkins, Red Cabbage, Green Cabbage, Pointed Cabbage, peppers (red, yellow, green), jalapenos, habanera, tomatillos, tomatoes (cherry, Roma, Mortgage Lifters, yellow), Jenny Lind Cantaloupe, strawberries, Onions (shallots, white, red, yellow and spring), Swiss Chard, Spinach, Turnips, Beets, Carrots, lettuce (red leaf, Boston, Romaine), And all my Herbs! We have a good start to the season; let’s hope some of it actually grows big enough to eat!

Henry’s Debut:

So I admit it, I am a Broadway Musical junkie. It comes from having been a singer for a long time…and from growing up near the Prescott Park in Portsmouth, where every year you can attend musicals for free. As long as I can remember I loved them.

My daughter Marshall does to. So we were listening to Pandora (which is a music lovers paradise, you can get it for free on your computer) We put it on the Broadway station…

What happened next husband is having nightmares about it…(He is NOT a musical fan) Mind you, this went on for a good 10 minutes, through the Guys and Dolls song and on to "I'm Gonna Wash that Man Right out of my Hair"...

“Ladies and Gentlemen, singing a selection from Guys and Dolls, I introduce the flailing, singing Henry…”

I don’t think that any scouts will be calling any time soon, but hey, it was entertaining.

Proud Mom:

And lastly, my daughter tried out for, and was given, her very first singing solo in her fifth grade concert. I cut it short so that only her solo was on the video partially to cut out Henry sneezing and yelling "Scuse me." And, you will have to excuse the mild shaking of the camera.

Apparently as I age, I am turning into a sappy pile of mess. I was desperately trying to hold the camera still as I sniffled and stifled the tears…I am pretty sure the woman on the other side of me thought I was having a seizure as I jerked and choked. But since she didn’t call 911, she must have figured out that I was just uber proud.

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