Monday, May 18, 2009

Henry's Grace

So on the rare occasion that we all eat at the same time, which these days of softball and school board are nearly extinct, we try to give thanks.

It is one of our attempts to have the kids recognize that not getting invited to a birthday party or not having a Nintendo DS does NOT qualify as being needy. We let the kids do it mostly, say things that they are thankful for, and always say a little thing about take care of the poor, sick, and hungry.

Henry is really into saying grace. Only, he doesn't quite get it yet...

The other day he wanted to say "thanks" at lunch. So I let him...

He bowed his head and said "Thanks for bunnies" cutting his eyes to me to make sure that I was listening, then he dug into his sandwich...

(for those of you who may not have read previous entries...the boy is obsessed with getting bunnies, and is slowly trying to wear his father and I down until we can no longer stand the thought of having to hear another word about them and just give in to his evil ways.)

Last night he said his thanks, and then proceeded to say "Take care of the poor, the sick and the Henry's" (this was not without his little giggle afterward)

So I guess my father and the other 1000 Henry's out there can rest least for now.

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