Tuesday, May 19, 2009

He's Gotten to the Public

Other than my random ranting about Henry, I figured the few masochistic souls that read this blog were the only ones that were exposed to my brand of Henry, but he has gotten out to the public.

A woman in town had a party on Friday night for moms. The invitation was extended to everyone she knew, and they were to invite whom ever they wanted. This is a very brave soul. We had a wonderful time, and it was a great way to connect women that otherwise never would have been. But it was also a time for me to see how, much like the swine flu, the stories of my boy are filtering through the community.

There were a few people who recognized me or my name, but couldn’t place me. I said “Oh, well I am on the school board, and those meetings are televised...” No that wasn’t it…
“Well, I teach an agriculture class to little ones for Parks and Rec…” No that wasn’t it…

Then the moment of clarity.

“OOOHHHHH you’re HENRY’S mom.”

You know, those are the moments where you aren’t sure that you should readily admit something like that. It’s a real quandary. It could be “He is a cutie pie” because Henry has a large source of charm when he chooses to use it, but it could also be:

“He is the one that broke into my car and stole all my spare change out of the console before peeing on my tire.”

One just never knows!

But, apparently another mom was telling a story about Henry and his “bros” at school talking about their dreams…Most were pretty normal…until they got to telling me about Henry’s. (Of course after toddler translation we cannot be sure how it all really played out.)

Apparently the state of the cleanliness of my house was revealed, when they learned he had a Skeleton from his closet in his room eating dust crackers under his bed.

Other than not knowing what exactly dust crackers are, I was at least relieved that it wasn’t something more serious...

Knock on wood.

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