Tuesday, May 5, 2009

My Snotty Cats

So at the Vet this winter, my cats tipped the scale at close to 20 pounds each. They are big boys, but, I guess I should have seen this coming when their bellies were swinging back and forth as they ran, or that all the fur on the thighs of one of the cats was getting worn off from friction.

In my defense however, as I told the vet, they lose their fat in the summer when they are out running around, and store fat in the winter to keep warm I suppose. I explained that this was normal, I mean, that is what I do too...the Vet didn't seem convinced.

I was sent off being told to put them on "indoor formula" which is essentially diet cat food. The other day I bought the stuff because my husband kept buying the regular food refusing to put our cats on "weight watchers."

My orange cat...well, was rather unimpressed. He ran to the trough at the sound of the food falling in to the metal pan...mouth watering ready to take a bite of his scrumptious fattening “salmon” crunchies, he took one bite…looked at me….another bite…looked at me…

Then proceeded to stick his paw in the bowl, push a few pieces around, then tip the bowl over and walk away.

Really? I am seriously getting attitude from my CAT? I am feeling a bit like Rodney Dangerfield…no respect I tell ya, no respect.

I guess the starvation diet will work too.

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citygirl said...

We have a foster cat who suffers from the same ailment...however, she does not go outside. If I had the money I would be tempted to give her a "tummy tuck". I mean how can she possibly get up enough speed in our house to burn calories with all that extra belly swinging back and forth...its gotta hurt! Suppose they make sports bras for cat bellies?