Thursday, October 30, 2008

Wood Creatures

So, I know that I am a little weird with my theories* and my husband always just drops his head in shame...but I have a new one!

I think that animals come back as wood knots!

(OK, so not really, but these pictures are really cool)

So now you are going to have to put on your warped PIE imagination...I know it is stretching here...but just try.

Here is an OWL:

Here is an Ostrich...the big knots are the eyes...and its beak etc... or if you look at the big knots as ears, it could be a mouse that has an unfortunate facial defect of a misplaced eye...

Here is a Horse with a go-go- gadget eye...

here is my Dragon Fly:

And here is my favorite...the Lemur...Jamie got a little tired of me singing "I like to Move it Move it"* every time I picked this board up...I am pretty sure that he puts up with me because there is a secret 3 million dollar life insurance policy on me...

I promise there were no illegal substances involved in seeing these was all me....pretty frightening isn't it!
* For those of you who don't have kids, that is the song from Madagascar that the Lemur sings through the whole movie.


Anonymous said...

Love the pics!!! I think the horse looks more like a gibbon--but what do I know?

~ U.D.

P.S. The word verification this morning is "pidam." Nice contraction of Pie and Adam!!


OMG...Funny!!! I thought I was the only one who could spot stuff like that! I see stuff in the wall paper all the time ;) Yeah, I may be crazy too but it sure keeps me amused ;)

Country Girl said...

I can see the owl but the others I had to think about.

The Rabid Outdoorsman said...

You SERIOUSLY need to get some sleep . . . then again I thought I saw an alien in a wood knot the other day . . . talk about your close encounter!