Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Are We Dinosaurs?

Last night as I was tossing and turning and eventually having scary weird dreams...I mean the scary weird where you wake up and really take stock in the room around you, to make sure that you really weren't where your screwed up brain was just telling you, you were.

I thought of something. Now mind you at 3 in the morning, this seems rather logical…and this morning when I told Jamie and Marshall, my daughter was all “Oh no, you aren’t going to write about this on your blog are you?” (Clearly embarrassed of my intelligent theories of the world around us.)

Well, that my friends, is a Double Dog Dare in the Pie Kingdom. So here it is: Pie’s Theory of Dinosaur and Human Likeness.

As I lay in bed, I started to think about dinosaurs, (How I got there is a whole other story I won’t go into, “Thank Goodness” you say.) They started out really small…and as their kind went on, they got bigger and bigger and bigger…eventually we came to the era of the giants. I mean heck, during the Triassic Period they were just kind of run of the mill, weird looking reptiles…no big thing. By the end of the Jurassic Period and as the Cretaceous Period started, there were some big dudes. Not to mention the Gigantosaurus. (I only mention that one because Caroline was telling me that it was bigger than Tyrannosaurus Rex and I thought it was a funny name…like something out of a comic book.)

TO THE POINT: People have gotten a heck of a lot bigger in time too. I mean, I think my 5’ 7” frame was probably a tall man a few hundred years ago, and the fact that my girls are projected to be above 6 feet tall, is telling me something. How large people are getting, has actually changed the face of sports, cars, door jams…the works. I can remember visiting a historic village where I barely made it through the doors they were so short…and folks, I am not all that tall. And Jamie? Well he can't even GO in the old houses around here with out ducking, and fearing a fatal ceiling fan accident.

Now the conclusion I came to at 3:00 AM: A huge climate change made the giant dino’s go extinct…hmmmmmm Global Warming… You can come to your own conclusions…but I am wondering if this could be why I have a giant ass, and I now fear tornadoes IN MAINE! *

Yeah, OK, now that it is on paper, I can see why Jamie was hesitant to have me put this on the web… BUT seriously…this is what goes through my insomniac brain.

* My biology teacher uncle is shaking his head in shame right now...I WAS HALF ASLEEP, IT MADE SENSE THEN

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Anonymous said...

Okay, but now I am seriously curious as what kind of dream you had in order to come to this conclusion...