Friday, January 9, 2009

A Bit of Sap From the Couch of Death...

This is for my close friends. The ones who know the ins and outs of my everyday struggles, who hold me up when I need to be held up, or bawl me out when I need that too, because I often do.

Who have always been there for me, even when I didn't ask, (because they know I won't,) but barge into my life with their arms out and a bottle of wine, ready for the task that lies ahead. Whether it is just listening, holding me up, laughing with me, or just making sure that I am OK.

It is for those of you that care about the menial everyday of my existence, because you understand that is what makes up bigger picture.

It is for my friends who just know when I am drowning, (because I will never tell you,) and offers me a life raft. You don't question why I don't call for help, you just know I don't, and offer it to me anyway.

It is also for those that have been my friends in the past, my Theta sisters, and my friends at a distance, who may be on the periphery for some reason or another, but are still there. I cherish each of your presence in my life, because it has made it richer and more meaningful.

A friend sent this to me, and it made me cry, not just the words, but that she thought of ME when she listened to them. I am grateful not only for her being in my life, but for me being able to be that person in hers.

I am grateful for all the women in my life, family and friends, who make me stronger, smarter, funnier, more accessible, more human and more alive.

This reminded me WHY I was a Women’s Studies major!

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citygirl said...

May I say...moving..touching..made me cry...made me want to send it on...thanks.