Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Desperation Makes me Act Out

I woke up this morning after actually sleeping through the night. No midnight hacking, nightmares or cats licking my face...I slept the WHOLE NIGHT. Then I realized that it was a school day for Henry and the girls...I might actually have a few minutes to myself!

At this point this is such a luxury because I haven't been alone since 2009 started. But today...bless today, everyone is off to school. With a skip in my step (well, not really, it was more like I was so tired that I bounced off the wall and tripped over my mud shoes that were in the middle of my floor...) I went down stairs to make coffee and wait to have my time alone!

Due to foreseen circumstances, (in other words my children’s lack of being able to understand the sentence "Please get your coats on and get out to the car." …You can see how that might be confusing or easily misinterpreted.) We missed the bus. I feared that I might miss out on a second of my time today. I became Lora Croft Tomb Raider on a mission to get them to school.

I mean to tell you I flew home ran around the house getting things ready for Henry. Snack bag for school? Couldn’t find it, just threw some crackers in a bag and threw him in his backpack…figured he could just drink his own spit if he swallowed enough, but then thought better of it and tossed in a water bottle. Henry was protesting as I shoved him in his underwear and pants while in-route to the car, but I was thinking: "Boy, you are lucky I am buckling you in..."

Got the girls dropped off, picked up a fellow preschooler and mom who needed a ride, got to school dropped Henry off, and then took a big sigh of relief….

I am feeling a little guilty picturing Henry Picking loose crackers out of his backpack at snacktime because I am not sure that the bag even zipped shut, but man, sometimes you just gottah breathe!

Yeah, I guess this IS why I have failed to make mom of the year…

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citygirl said...

OMG! What parent hasn't felt that desperation? PLEASE, point them out! LOL!