Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A Vision in Yoga Pants

I realized yesterday when I was sitting at the dinner table and Caroline said to me, “Are you wearing mascara?” in a bit of an astonished tone, and I had to sadly admit that yeah, but it was probably left over from the day before when I had gone to work, that perhaps I have not looked, well, up to par lately.

Yes, it is true, I am woman enough to admit it, daily cleanliness seemed to have taken a low priority for me while I was sick. It was just too much effort to peel my nasty self off my couch of death to do anything much less wash my hair.

I had to work on Monday night, so I showered and dutifully put on girl clothes. As I came down stairs to say goodbye, I thought my kids were going to fall out of their skin. Caroline actually said “Are you going to a dance or something?”

OK, now seriously, it isn’t like I NEVER wear girl clothes, but I realize that sadly, for the past two weeks I have worn the same yoga pants and sweatshirt so much that they are standing up in the corner of my room like a suit of armor in a castle.

I should have realized this when I did laundry for the first time in two weeks and there was nothing of mine in it.

SO, today I am going to try walking on a treadmill and see if my lungs hold up, and then…yes folks, I am going to get in HOT water, and actually wash my face, my hair, and then…wait for it…if I am still feeling so inspired…I might actually dry my hair with a hair dryer so that I will stop scaring the neighbor kids with my Sid Vicious look a like hair.

I know, I know, Aim for the stars… Aim for the stars!


JenHen said...

There is nothing wrong with yoga pants...I often wonder how we would survive without them. God knows I've been know to wear mine 3days in a row when I am not even sick, so you have an excellent excuse! Excellent Sid Vicious reference, I remember a time when we would have wanted and even purposely made our hair look like his!

The Rabid Outdoorsman said...

Yoga pants . . . ? Like sweat pants on steroids?

steffa said...

Hot water AND soap? You go girl!

citygirl said...

Aim for the stars! I'm rooting for ya!