Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Plague Sets In

I am getting close to calling a Haz-Mat team to come and blow up my house because clearly there is something living in it that has waged war against my family.

I have recovered...after 2.5 weeks of feverish hell, but now my two youngest have it, Caroline has averaged 101 fevers for a week now. Bad part is, she feels pretty OK. But I can't rightfully send her to school with a fever and a cough that sounds like she is coughing up small school children each time she starts hacking. So alas, I have her at home.

But because she doesn’t feel all that horrible, she is bored, which leads to her being rambunctious…which leads to a coughing fit, which leads to my “outside voice” telling her to calm down and lay down. It’s a bad cycle that should be broken.

Speaking of bad cycles, the boy is getting all too used to having his sister around as his playmate. We all know that my son is… well…not the most inspired individual. (He missed the gumption train all together.) So having his sister as a permanent playmate with nothing to do but sit around the house is totally his cup of tea.

I think that the boy will be the inventor of Adult diapers that automatically change themselves, so that all he has to do in his future, is lay on one of those couches with the built in coolers in the arm, and flick channels without having to be bothered to, you know, go to the bathroom…who has time for that when there is so much laziness to be had? I will let it be known, that it will NOT BE IN MY BASEMENT…

So as I am held hostage in my house for week 4, I write to the outside world in desperation…and if there is a report of distress signals in the form of smoke coming from a house in Maine, you will know I have hit a wall…most likely with my head…repeatedly…

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