Friday, March 13, 2009

I Was Happy to Read This...

"Punctuality is the virtue of the bored." - Evelyn Waugh

My family calls it "Pie time." I seem to always be on my own schedule...which never really corresponds with anyone else in the world’s schedule. I have to set alarm clocks to get me moving, and even then, I seem to find 100 things to do right before I walk through the door.

The artistic side of me likes to claim that I live in the moment. That what I am doing at that particular moment seems to take precedence over anything that the future might hold. I think that this sounds soooo much better than...totally unorganized or lazy or scatter brained...or bird brained...or any of the other titles I have achieved in my lifetime!

I rarely complain about my middle child Caroline on here, and her lack of organization:

Although, as you can see I CLEARLY would be justified... But, I don't, because she has the same problem as I do.

(And my parents read this, and I am quite sure there would be an onslaught of comments about my room and “spaciness” that I would get…and really? Who wants to hear about that!)

She has all the intentions of the world of cleaning her room in the 45 minutes allotted...(which we have called "shoveling out")

But she gets started, and then finds a Barbie, which she sits and plays with for a while, then she finds a piece of paper, and draws on it for a while, then she finds a piece of lint...and makes it into a mouse bed, and then she finds a piece of her carpet coming out so she picks at that for an hour creating a secret world in her head where the piece of carpet is a magic machine that takes her to another planet where parents don't MAKE their kids clean their rooms and are much more reasonable...

So after about 3 hours, we come up to see her room, and all we see is what is pictured above. And in the middle of her bed, will be the piece of carpet, a lint ball, a Barbie, and a sheepish looking Caroline...see....Time, it is all relative.

I used to be exactly on time. (And when I say on time, I mean, if a boat was leaving at 8, I was running up the ramp and jumping on at 8.) Then I had Marshall, and I was 5 minutes late. Then I had Caroline, and I became 10 minutes late...then I had Henry and, well, as you can imagine, I would be getting to the dock as the boat is returning from Sea!

I find now, that I am running out of the house half clothed, with a granola bar in one hand, my toothbrush running in the other, carrying Henry with no shoes, and saying, "You don't need a Jacket! It is ONLY 10...its not like it’s in the negatives..."

Most of the time I run into what ever event I was intending on attending about 15 minutes behind schedule only to realize that I forgot something important…like underwear or something...But I suppose, if I look at the quote is NEVER boring!


Country Girl said...

Just getting caught up reading your blog. My kids rooms are always a mess. I bribe them when they have friends over...not until your rooms clean.
That sucks about blood draws. Too bad you didn't live closer to City Girl and I. We are both nurses and skilled with the needle (well most days).
Lastly, 3 posts back Leah too is a tv and internet addict. Rest of the family can take or leave TV. Youngest child syndrome!


My Sunshine and I have the same problem... good intentions but greater imaginations and a good dose of ADD! I think it makes us Unique ;)
The Flylady and her Riley challenges work for us most days... makes it fun!

PIE said...

Thankfully this picture is before she moved into her new room without her sister. The two girls in a tiny room together with two beds, two dressers and two sets of clothes in a little closet was a nightmare...she has done a little better with her new room, but only after we took Karate away for a month! Ahhhhh parenting!

Thanks for the flylady, we have a healthy dose of ADD in our household as well....keeps things interesting to say the least!