Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Yeah Someone Else's Kid...

I have to say I am treading on thin ice here as I write about my niece...because I don't want any bad sister voodoo coming my way...but hey, all is fair in embarrassing moments raising kids, and while Henry certainly holds his own, there are those who give him a run for his money.

My niece whom will remain nameless and picture-less gave Henry some competition last night. (Her father is a retired cop and I am a little fearful of taking a long "vacation" if I put personal info on the internet...poor little girl may never date…but come to think of it, my girls might not ever date either considering of their 3 uncles…ALL of them are police officers…and poor little Caroline has the most protective one as her God-father, who takes his job very seriously!)

So last night I was working at the library and my cute little niece comes in to get books. She came up stairs to say hi to me first. Really, this was a front to get a Hershey Kiss out of the back office, but I will take any love I can get. That is the luxury of being an aunt, even if it is chocolate induced, you get all the hugs, none of the battles.

So she runs up and gives me a big hug, and I ask her what she did at preschool today. She is the same age as Henry so generally an open ended question to a 3 year old spurs a comical response.

She cocks her head, says “hmmmmmmmm” Clearly this took a lot of thinking to come up with:

“I watered flowers with my spit...like this…” she then proceeds to demonstrated how she bent over and spit on all the flowers.

Yeah, I am thinking what you are thinking….what is UP with my family genes…

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