Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Whodda Thunk It?

So this morning, my eldest Marshall was all "Mom you won't believe what Henry said..."

My mind rolodex started flipping... the list of things that Henry has said is quite long and quite inappropriate, so I had a lot to choose from.

“Hmmmmm dagnabbit wabbit stole my cheeweeoos?”

I struck out, which was obvious to me by the rolling of the eyes and the you are so stupid look from my tween standing in front of me.

“He was holding onto the door and pushing down on it really hard and said ‘This is vewy cumbersome’ I asked him what it meant, and he said ‘Heavy’ I am in 5th grade and I don’t know that word!”

Well some thing’s never cease to amaze me…

although I am not sure why, he seems to be a clone of my second child, who told people that she has a ‘sibling’ at 2 years old, and was ‘concerned about her feelings’, and that ‘other kids were disturbing her while she played’ at 3. Then at 4 when she started having some trouble, or rather…being some trouble in preschool, her teacher said, ‘I think it is because they don’t understand Caroline…she tends to, well, talk over their head.’

I blame this on my mother and the various other English teachers in my family. Getting in a room full of them in a conversation makes me feel like I am a contestant on Jeopardy…

My mother will say “4 syllable word, 5 syllable word, 4 syllable word don’t you think?”

and I am all:

“What is… a sentence I am supposed to understand but am not sure it is even in ENGLISH!”

I never win money though.


the Breebs said...

You go "head banger!" Breebree is right in there cheering you on.

roswellgahokie said...

Hilarious!!! As an English teacher myself, I can relate to this. Brewer is quite verbal himself. xxx ooo rebecca