Wednesday, April 29, 2009


OK so this is just really funny. I know that some of you know that I am attending Face Book Anonymous. It has been really hard...but yes I have limited myself to just a few minutes a day, and the 12 steps are helping...

BUT today I read a post from a high school friend who, oddly enough, has the same quirky sense of humor that I do. (Yeah, I know, weird that there is more than one of us...come to think of it, I think that all my friends and I shared the same warped sense of humor...perhaps that is why there were no Dunkin Donut coffee filters safe in our presence... This is a long unfortunate story of the nerdness of my life that we used to scoff the D&D filters and wear them on our heads…)

At any rate, on Face Book (focus, Pie, FOCUS) she told me to scroll to the bottom of the page where is says English and press on it. A whole host of languages come up including one that says English (pirate).**

Yeah…it is true…it will change all your Face Book settings to Pirate jargon.

Now why my daughter and I sat and stared giggling for 30 minutes is a whole other issue, and most likely another 12 step program…but none the less it is very entertaining.

So you maytes go to the home port and read your bottle o’ messages, and may it be pleasin’ to the eye!

**I can tell you right now that my friend Jen is doing this as we speak…because she is my soul mate of nerdom and just wrong humor.


Anonymous said...

You had me at ahoy....



Ahoy PIE! I had to try this... Heee Hee Hee... I love it I've converted my scawleywag maties to pirates too!!!