Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A Lesson I Need To Learn

and soon...Watch what I say in front of the little man.

Henry is like a sponge of evil. He soaks up only the bad stuff. He never repeats the good things I say, or the productive things I do…I never hear him saying to Jamie, (or strangers in the line at the store, he isn't picky) "My mommy always says I love you little man" or the "Mommy cleaned the house today"… Oh NOOOOOOO it is always “Mommy said I was the devil.” Or “Mommy do you need more wine? You said you needed a big glass

This seems to be a growing trend with him, and the thing is, it isn’t always things that happen all the time, nor are they things that have happened recently. Little elephant brain of my loins seems to remember every slip up I have had since the moment he came home from the hospital.

There is a gas station in town that over a YEAR ago, someone cut me off and I yelled “Stupid Jerk” (which I will say, was a rare moment of lucid thinking and restraint from yelling what I really wanted to say) and now every time we go to that same gas station, with out fail Henry peeps up from the back seat “Mommy, is the big jerk here?” How does he even remember that???

So today we are driving down the road and he says “When is the damn plumber going to come back and flood the freaking basement?”

“Uh…I am not sure Henry…maybe never?”

“Oh, I just didn’t know if you knew the damn plumber”

Silence ensues…
(I am just going to wait for him to apply to trade school to be a “damn plumber” for him to figure it out…)


Lee Ryan said...

Isn't that what kids are for?

PIE said...

hmmm I thought I had them so that they could take over the household chores, and bring me bon bons and beers while I lay back and watch tv all day....DAMN.... :-)

Lee Ryan said...

I couldn't say for sure - good idea though! I'm sure that after fetching you a beer and an extra pillow to make you comfortable while reading a book, they would retire to thier rooms to do homework for a couple of hours before fixing dinner for you and telling you what a wonderful parent you are. :-)

Benny Hill said...

I remember, very clearly, being cut off by a truck driver when I was picking Zack up from daycare (he was just turning 4 at the time) and he perked up and said, "Daddy, that truck driver is a JackAss."