Friday, April 3, 2009

A Lesson In Patience

Someone recently asked me what living in Maine was response?

"A lesson in patience..."

Here is my proof: I call it....

Gardening in Maine


Lee Ryan said...

Looks like he's got a fine crop this year!

citygirl said...

A fine crop indeed!

Do you have a garden, Pie?

Lee Ryan said...

A small one. Green onions, raddishes, tomatoes, tomatoes, tomatoes.

I have a yard that is overflowing with verdant diversity (ethnic cleansing could be good here...)
but nothing edible to me.

PIE said...

Lee- oh come on now, roll those sleeves up and plant some stuff, you have a great climate for it!

Citygirl- Yes I have a garden, it is my passion. If you look back to summer blogs last year I do a scenes from the trellises post everynow and again, with pictures and updates on my incredible (or not so much) edibles! I love calms me...which as you may guess...I NEED! :-)

Lee Ryan said...

It's just so hard to be comitted to a good garden when moving all the time.

I'm not trying to make excuses - I should at least plant some strawberies.

If I could stay somewhere, I'd plant asparagus.

PIE said...

Every year I say I am going to plant asparagus and I don't, now I think that as soon as I plant it we will have to move...I know...the games I play with my sanity are kind of crazy! lol

Lee Ryan said...

Ugh! Why does asparagus have to be such a commitment?!? I really want the freshly-picked-grew-myself asparagus (as opposed to the sort that they strip-mine down in Chile then fly up here...) but I've yet to live somewhere long enough.