Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Here are the kids after church, Henry even had a big boy tie on. The girls insisted on the typical dresses for Easter...at least this year the snow was gone in fact, if you look really close you will see my Hiacynth blooming in the back ground... The woman in the picture is not me, although raising Henry is certainly aging me, that is my 94 year old Grandmother that I blog about periodically (you can look in the archives.)

As I posted this, I realized...how decievingly NORMAL my family looks! I guess since Jamie and I aren't in it!

This was during our egg hunt. The reason I have this one in here, look in the upper left hand side of the picture...I just loved the fact that the kids were all surrounding it, and failed to see the egg hanging on the rope from the bird feeder support....I named it "Masters of the Obvious" 8 kids at my house, and no one spotted that one for quite some time!

And this one, well, I just couldn't resist...henry, in his church clothes, found the one patch of dirt left post construction and proceeded to bathe in it....well, he looked nice in the beginning...its the thought that counts!

happy Easter!

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