Thursday, April 9, 2009

Little Future Gardener!

So the other day it was a miserable day and I needed to get started on my seeds. I had Henry and he was wanting to help, which was more like, play in the soil and spread it all over the kitchen and since it is seed starter it is like dust when it is dry and I am pretty sure that I am still breathing, and sneezing it to this day. Nothing like a nice tall glass of water with a little film of plant starter on top to make your day!

I couldn't find my seed trays for the life of me. SO, I invented the "why do I still have old dusty ice trays from my first house 7 years ago from when we didn't have an icemaker, tray planters"

I just took a nail and poked the bottom and filled with soil and seeds! It is working fairly well...along side my "Oh my gosh why do we use so many rolls of toilet paper, roll planters" Which are equally as exciting as they hold a good bit of soil and I can just undo the bottom of them and then put them right in the ground!

Not to mention that I am finally getting over my "is it ever going to be spring" bad attitude, and have started amending my soil and am really excited to get my peas in the ground...that is, if Pinetree seeds will EVER SEND ME MY SEEDS THAT I ORDERED OVER A MONTH AGO!

Anyway, this would be my very first "scenes from the trellis" post for the spring! I look forward to many more!

And to all a good spring...

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