Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Embarrassing Parental Moments

So you all know by now that I am regularly kept on my embarrassment toes by Henry my 3 year old son...So I am sharing this with you all because, someone has to laugh at my pain.

We went to my sisters the other night for my niece’s birthday. We had such a nice time…until it got strangely quiet upstairs…everyone knows that preschoolers and quiet are not things you want together.

It generally means that you will come upstairs to Vaseline in your shoes, scissors in hair, or perhaps, kids playing Doctor….

It was the latter of the three.

I went upstairs to find my little niece who is the same age as Henry with her pants down, and Henry looking at her butt…

I asked a little frantically what he thought he was doing…and he said quite flabbergasted that I even had to ask: “I just wanted to see what was in there”

I proceeded to let him know that anything that was “in there” was not something that he would want to see, and furthermore, we do not ask our cousins to take their clothes off…or any girl for that matter…especially when their dad is an ex-cop and has several big guns in his possession.

Let’s hope that this was a life lesson listened to and heeded.

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