Monday, April 27, 2009

The Hand From Hell

So here is the deal...I have this allergy thing to Black Flies...yeah I know...I am a total wizard to choose Maine to live in...the very place that the Black Fly ties the Mosquito for the state bird.

Every April when I start getting the garden ready I get bit by one of those demonic blood suckers. I must be a sadist though because I still go out, and always forget to put on bug spray...(Its for wusses a lesson from my father) is the result this year...and mind you, this picture was taken on Day 2...after many healthy doses of Benedril and Advil.

Just for reference, this is the size of my normal hand...not pretty either, but...well...I am sure you see the difference.

I had to work at the library last night, and I tried hiding it, but it was not easy to hide a hand that was the size of a baseball glove while I was stamping their books. I had a few concerned looks from concerned patrons who were probably worried about the swine flu. They were a little tentative taking the books from me after my infected elephantitis hand touched them...but hey, I am sure they have antibacterial in their purses...they will be fine!


Lee Ryan said...


I agree; it's hard to bite the bullet and admit that a little bug spray wouldn't be bad.

When I was growing up in Wisconsin, all those resorting to bug spray were reported to the local authorities as potential sexual deviants.

Country Girl said...

OMG, that is scary looking!