Friday, August 15, 2008

Brad's Garage Addition Update #11

OK, whew, we are in the home stretch. We got more behind because of the rain in that the dry wall mud wouldn't dry, so we are going to do the sanding on Monday. The Bathroom switch hopefully on Wednesday and the Carpet on Thursday which means....My Birthday present is MOVING! yeah! I am totally OK with that. All 5 of us in two rooms is getting to be a little close. My kids would have never made it in George Washington's house...His mom would have killed my three, Cherry Trees or not!*

We have garage doors...however, Jamie and I laugh because right now they are like the brand spankin' new sneakers that you wear on the first day of school that kind of glow! I made the mistake one time in college of wearing my new kicks to a party where they had a black light. Everyone laughed because all they could see was my shoes walking around the hiding that night! ANYWAY, when we repaint the trim back to white, not dirt infested white, it should look better...or we will paint the doors, haven't gotten that far yet.

Hopefully our time line will hold true. We will continue to update as we can.

* For those of you not getting this reference, my husbands family lives near George Washington's birthplace and we took the girls there, it essentially was one room (maybe 2) with a stove..and Marshall was quite concerned about the sleeping conditions...(she was only 6)

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