Monday, August 11, 2008

Brad's Garage Update #9

OK so we had our last bout of company during construction. Our sister Kathleen, and her family came to visit. They were quite the troopers with 10 of us living in two bedrooms. But we made it! The only true side affect was that I didn't blog at all. Hopefully now I am back on track for being regular...(in blogging that is, asking to be normal in any other way is just WAY too hopeful!)

SO, the front of our garage is complete with the exception of door knobs, lights and garage doors.

Today they are coming to mud/tape all the dry wall (this will take 3 days) from what I hear. Then the carpet which will be installed next week, after I paint the ceilings and hopefully the walls. Also we have to build our bookcase, stain and do the trim work...but you will be the time Marshall goes to college. (for the record, she is 9)

Before the company came we got the bathroom tiled,
and BEHOLD.....

We have toilet swap!

So there you go, our most recent update, by next week we are hoping to have it completed enough to move into...minus some trim and bookcases.

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