Thursday, August 21, 2008

The "Procedure"

Last Thursday I has a "procedure" done at the hospital... they call it that, because "rip your guts out through your mouth and then send you home" is not PC. (And probably would have made me run from them kicking and screaming)

They gave me that stuff that makes you forget what happened. I don't remember, but when the Dr came to me after the procedure and said "do you remember that?" and I said "no." Then she replies "That is good because it wasn't easy for you, you had a hard time"


My imagination is far worse than what probably really happened. I am imagining Nurse Ratchet holding me down and me flailing about to no avail. Medical equipment flying around the room in a stand off of wills. (See, people should not leave things to my imagination)

But because our insurance in this country has such confidence in our abilities to recover, I was sent home about 30 minutes after. I am pretty sure that the hospitals hands are tied, and when they send people home carrying their own kidneys, telling them to come back tomorrow to finish the job, its all OK, and everyone understands that Anthem is so poor that they can't house people over night... IN A PLACE TO HOUSE SICK PEOPLE!

(No, I really didn't need to stay; I was just getting my rant on. Because where would I be, if I just accepted things as they are???? hmmmm?)

Anyway I kind of didn't realize that my body seems to react to medication pretty when they had Jamie drive me home I thought, surely I will become less drowsy when we get home. NOPE. I slept the whole way home from 3:30 until 8 that night. Got up, ate something, watched Phelps, went back to bed, and Jamie had to drag my butt out of bed in the morning when he went to work so that our children would have adequate supervision. (Not that I am adequate supervision as you may have noticed!)

I didn't totally wake up until the next day; which leads me to my next story...

Stay Tuned for: "I am Claiming Temporary Insanity" when I introduce you to the color scheme of my new addition.

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Country Girl said...

Your too funny? Did you get and endoscopy cause I need one. Show me the versed!! I can't hack drugs either so it should be interesting.