Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Stay Tuned for...

more. I have been rather intermittent about this whole thing lately, (or so I have heard from a few complainers who ought to get their butt over here and help me paint) but with company, the harvest coming in and the final painting, staining, fighting, and throwing things in order to move into the new addition by my birthday, well, it just has been a little bit of an Aleve moment. (which I am popping daily to the limit they allow!)

I do realize that I am certainly not changing any history here with this thing, but believe it or not there are a few who depend on my blog to make them feel better about their lives, by reading about how jacked up mine is! Yeah Jen, I bet you didn't think I knew! :-)

In the mean time things to ponder in pop culture...

1.The necessity in this world for count them...4 biographical books about Tom Cruise? I mean how much crazy can you write about? (as I type...but I am telling you guys, he is his own universe of unstable crazy.)

2.What is going to happen in season three of Six Feet Under? Which I have been renting from the library and apparently everyone else in the area is at the same spot because I am 4th in Queue for the 3rd disk...and I think my head is going to pop off if I don't find out if the creepy stare guy is going to do something bad to Claire, or if the mother is going to resort to a life time of crime and shoplifting...I mean these are pertinent details to my life...and I have to wait????? (wow mom, that was a WAY run on sentence)

3. WHY, when I really want to not like Tori Spelling for all the obvious reasons, do I find her oh so amusing and funny...because really? When I am on my tread mill, I should absolutely be challenging my feeble brain with things like the History channel and National Geographic, learning how the found the Titanic, and how the Mayans did brain surgery thousands of years ago...instead I am feeding it Poptarts and Ho-Ho's by watching Tori Spelling have babies on TV.

4. Why someone hasn't invented a roller that doesn't give you gray hair by splattering paint as you roll ceilings, walls, children...what ever is in front of you in your 24 hour a day painting stupor...Oh wait, they have...Professional painters...but they cost money that we don't have...OH WELL, gray it is.

So there are my pop culture questions of the day, to tide everyone over until my real life can just take a chill pill (hows that for taking you back to our beloved 80's?) for a few days so that my mangled brain can process something other than fumes from stain and paint cans.

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