Monday, August 11, 2008


OK, so I got this lamp for 2.50...for Marshall's room, not mine...but she has this funky striped bedspread that she bought with her birthday money to help decorate her new room...
Nothing like PINK acrylic to make her I just have to talk her out of wanting to paint her room lime green...aacckk

BTW, Henry wants a purple room, and so does Caroline....HUH????? Where did these kids come from? Not me...everything I own is brown, black or wait for it...cream....I know I AM daring with colors...although to give myself some credit, I do own some red, and Jamie has bought me some blue things because he thinks I look good in blue. So maybe someday I will branch out into the color wheel a little...but...if you look at my tile choice...I wouldn't hold my breath!

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peter said...

you and granny with the same color clothes!